Why Should Cryptocurrency Entreprenuers Move to South Florida?

0% personal state income tax

6th largest metropolitan area in the USA, in the third most populous state in the USA

Home to the #1 and #2 busiest cruise ports in the world

Home of NAP of the Americas, one of the largest Internet landing points in the world

One of the top-five best interconnected cities in the world, ahead of San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington DC

Rated the most entrepreneurial region in the USA by the Kauffman Foundation

New York money managers moving into the area in such numbers that county governments have offices dedicated to helping them relocate

Only net-exporting region in the USA

More cargo shipped via Miami International Airport than any other US airport

The highest concentration of international banks in the USA

Home to the second largest Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in the USA, also the biggest exporting US FTZ

At the crossroads of the world’s premier capital market and 500 million under-served by access to capital, credit, and efficient banking

Closer to dozens of foreign capitals than it is to Washington DC

All five major languages spoken natively in the Western Hemisphere—English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Creole—spoken widely, often in the same sentence

Already home to a very active Bitcoin community, from startups through companies like SoftTouch and Tiger Direct

Home of the Conscious Entrepreneurship Foundation

BBC Radio: “Success in the Sunshine City

Knight Foundation: “Our Next Bet on Miami